Backed by more than 20 years of being put to the test by the pros with a level of quality that is a benchmark on the market, the latest generation of PEUGEOT Partners offers a level of comfort and convenience that's unprecedented in the commercial vehicle segment with the freedom to choose between a petrol, diesel or electric engine.

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The PEUGEOT PARTNER has been designed to offer maximum and foolproof functionality with:


the STANDARD version with a length of 4.4 m, guaranteeing an optimised load length of 1.81 m. This length allows the loading of 2 Euro pallets for volume ranging from 3.3 m3 to 3.8 m3 depending on the version.
the LONG version, which offers optimised capacity by extending over 4.75 m (+35 cm). It has a load length of 2.16 m and a load volume of between 3.9 m3 and 4.4 m3.
Designed on a variation of the EMP2 platform, the PEUGEOT PARTNER makes manoeuvring easier thanks to its short overhangs and short turning circle: the turning diameter between kerbs is only 10.82 m for the STANDARD version and 11.43 m for the LONG version.


Be it the STANDARD or LONG body, the payload can range from 650 kg to 1,000 kg depending on the version. You can take advantage of the Loading Pack* to combine enhanced cargo area lighting with up to 10 lashing rings.



The STANDARD 4.40 m-long body allows two Euro pallets to be loaded for a volume ranging from 3.30 m3 to 3.80 m3 depending on the version.

LONG body, with a length of 4.75 m [+35 cm compared with the STANDARD body], offers a loading volume of between 3.90 m3 and 4.40 m3.



Designed as a variation of the EMP2 platform, the PEUGEOT PARTNER allows easier manoeuvring thanks to its shorter overhangs and a reduced turning circle:  the turning diameter between pavements is just 10.82 m for the STANDARD version and 11.43 m for the LONG version.


With a STANDARD or LONG body [+35 cm long compared with the STANDARD body], the payload can range from 650 kg up to 1,000 kg depending on the version.

(1): STANDARD version

(2): LONG version



With the STANDARD body, the useful length is 1.81 m or up to 3.09 m with the Multiflex rear seat option.

With the LONG body, the useful length is 2.16 m [+35 cm compared with STANDARD body] or up to 3.44 m with the Multiflex rear seat option.

(1): STANDARD version

(2): LONG version

(3): without/with 1/with 2 sliding side door(s)

(4): without partition

(5): with partition




The STANDARD body allows two Euro pallets to be loaded for a volume ranging from 3.30 m3 to 3.80 m3with the Multiflex rear seat [available as an option] .

The LONG body [+35 cm compared with the STANDARD body], offers a load volume of between 3.90 m3 and 4.40 m3 with the Multiflex rear seat[available as an option] .




A complete range of conversions is available in numerous robust and functional options via our partner body workshops.


This efficient base allows our specialist partner body workshops to adapt the vehicle to the needs of increasingly specialised customers.


*Vehicles might differ based on local specifications, please get in touch with local dealer for more information







As with a petrol or diesel vehicle, these factors can affect the driving range of a plug-in hybrid vehicle:



Load carried


Driving with loads on the roof or with a window open increases wind resistance and therefore fuel consumption. A heavy loading weight will also have an impact on the driving range WLTP driving range is also defined based on approximately half a payload. .



Driving style


Smooth and eco-friendly driving will optimise your driving range up to 15% more driving range.




Heating and air-conditioning can be responsible for 10% to 30% of your battery consumption.





Your fuel consumption is increased when travelling uphill and your range is affected. When travelling downhill, regenerative braking increases your driving range.






Because a utility vehicle is a great asset in terms of mobility and image, the careful attention paid to the style, on-board comfort and ease of use of the PEUGEOT PARTNER enhances professionals’ status while offering them a new experience.


The PEUGEOT PARTNER has a robust front end with a vertical grille and refined optics, a short, horizontal bonnet, a high waistline and shorter overhangs. Particular attention has been paid to acoustic comfort to make long journeys more enjoyable.





This modular rear seat comprises a flat floor, a useful volume increased by 400 L and a useful length of up to 3 m in the STANDARD version and as much as 3.35 m in the LONG version, while retaining the ability to transport two people thanks to the fold-away side passenger seat.


This feature allows three people to be seated in the front, enabling you to optimise your journeys by transporting teams and tools. The central seat is larger thanks to the absence of a handbrake lever.


A mobile office function completes the equipment thanks to its pivoting writing table adjustable to face the passenger or the driver  integrated into the folding backrest of the central seat.




The storage compartments are designed for multi-use by professionals, easily within reach and cleverly distributed around the passenger compartment, including the glove compartment, boot, space able to be locked with a padlock under the central seat, overhead storage rack and even upper glove compartment. Located facing the passenger, it takes advantage of the space left by the “bag in roof” airbag and can be used to house a 15” computer or be refrigerated, depending on the option chosen.


To securely stow your load, six stowing rings are supplied as standard and four others can be added at mid-height.


Accessibility is ensured by the sliding side doors [optional], while the hinged rear doors [2/3 – 1/3] ensure maximum opening width [optional tailgate].




The PEUGEOT Partner has been designed to meet the needs of professionals, particularly in terms of optimising the total cost of ownership. PEUGEOT has mobilised its experts to maximise the design excellence, quality of finish and durability of the van in order to maximise its resale value.


Similarly, the equipment and powertrains have been selected with great care to minimise routine maintenance costs and consumption.


*Due to global semi-conductor supply shortages, vehicles may not have some features mentioned prior. Please reach out to your local Peugeot dealer to confirm vehicle specifications prior to purchase.

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